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Hotelier Adriana Marchini
#PBY since 2011
"Yoga has given me a new business, new friends, and a way of continuing the work of my beloved father. Through the retreat I speak to him every day."
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Chef Mary Gwynn
#PBY since 1998
"Yoga affects every area of my life. It is a mindset that stills the fear of what might lie ahead, enables me to be present in every moment, and gives me the strength and flexibility to enjoy life to the full."
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Writer Colleen Watson
#PBY since 1986
"I have been able to unlock my psyche from the grip of trauma and the silence in enforced, and am finally venturing into the world of writing...there is a way to heal."
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Actress Frances Ruffelle
#PBY since 2000
"I started to develop panic attacks...I was losing control. I took the yoga class, just thinking it would be an exercise class and was instantly hooked."
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The book that inspired YogaClicks

I never expected my book to inspire a website but that's exactly what happened.

When Yoga School Dropout hit the stands, yogis from Manchester to Montana got in touch wanting recommendations on yoga teachers, training and retreats.

YogaClicks is my answer.

A place for the global community to find, love and live great yoga - the teachers that inspire us, the studios that welcome us, the holidays that change our lives.

Over to you!

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