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Image courtesy of Robert Sturman

Inspired by the yoga community, for the yoga community

I never expected my book to inspire a website but that's exactly what happened.

When Yoga School Dropout hit the stands yogis from Manchester to Montana got in touch wanting recommendations on yoga teachers, training and retreats.

YogaClicks is my answer.

A place for the global community to find, love and share great yoga - the teachers that inspire us, the studios that welcome us, the holidays that change our lives.

Over to you!

Image: KK Ledford by Faern

Find and be found


If you're a teacher or a venue you can use YogaClicks to help new students find you - simply create a profile and bob's your uncle - you'll appear in relevant searches.

It's that simple.

Find and be found
Image: 'Yoga for Hope' by Faern

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Image: 'Deanna Brolly' by Faern

Help others find yoga they'll love

Write reviews of your favourite teachers, studios and retreat centres and help other people find the yoga they'll love.

Image: Marina Luna by Faern

Find your yoga style


Use our interactive style finder - a world first - find the style of yoga that's right for you.

We've got over sixty styles covered - so whether you like your yoga hot or chilled, you want to perfect your body or your mind, you'll find it here.

Fide your yoga style
Image: Debbie Steingeisser by Faern

Wise up


Beginners' FAQs from 'What is yoga?' to 'What should I wear?'

Can't tell your kleshas from your kriyas? All you need is 'Yoga lingo'

Need some inspiration? Look no further. We've got wise words from Jerry Seinfeld to Sharath Jois.

Wise up
Image: Katie Rose by Faern

Strike a pose


We've got 99 poses and we're planning more.

Look them up by category or by name - in English or Sanskrit. Find out how to do them and why we love them - even when they make us cry.