You can transform life’s challenges and create the life you love.
Our community will inspire, inform and equip you.

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Girl on a mission.
I was a burned out corporate, working eighty hour weeks in advertising. Nothing in my life was working, so I decided to straighten myself out with six months in the yoga schools of India.

While I scrambled around trying to find my guru, yoga worked quietly behind the scenes; peeling away the layers to reveal new possibilities. I realised, as I packed five volumes of diaries in my suitcase, that my happiness lay in writing. Random House published Yoga School Dropout a year later.

Suddenly I was getting emails from all over the world. As I’d shared the story of my transition, from corporate burn out to born again writer, readers shared theirs; how yoga was helping them transform their lives – as small business owners, mothers, yoga teachers, designers. The list went on, and on.

I loved the creativity of these stories and wanted to share and celebrate them with everyone – yogis and newbies alike. So I created YogaClicks – a place for us to inspire, inform and equip each other as we transform ourselves through yoga.

Please join us - together we can get the world on its mat.


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I’ve always loved stories, ever since my Dad taught me to read. The Yoga Map Project enables us to share our stories and celebrate the lives we’re creating through yoga.

Add your story to get featured and inspire others on the same path. I’m looking forward to publishing a book of community favourites, to inspire the world onto its mat.


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ShopIcon Shop yoga’s creative talent

No doubt about it; yoga boosts creativity. This creativity takes many forms, from writing a book to sequencing a yoga class to designing leggings made from recycled plastic.

Our online shop celebrates this creativity with a curated collection of emerging talent from Vancouver to Tel Aviv to Munich.

Hand picked and heart led, our creatives are so in flow with their yoga, and in tune with their yoga community, that they create exactly what we need.

They’re transforming their lives through yoga; let them inspire you as you transform yours.

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Be informed
MedsIcon Read the clinical studies

I spent so long working in advertising trying to work out what song a sunflower should sing I ended up clinically depressed. I tried popping pills but they didn't work for me so I turned to yoga. A few months later I emerged with a smile on my face but, as the daughter of a scientist, I’m always looking for quantitative proof.

That’s why I’m so proud to have gathered together a library of over 300 clinical studies, all of them from respected institutions, validating yoga and meditation for over 30 health conditions. Individually and collectively they demonstrate that yoga helps with many of life’s health challenges, from anxiety and stress to coping with a serious illness like cancer.



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You can transform life’s challenges and create the life you love.
Our community will inspire, inform and equip you.

The Yoga Map Project will blow you away with the personal stories of people transforming their lives through yoga. Add your story to get celebrated for your journey, to inspire other yogis on the same path, and to get the whole world on its mat.

Yoga will help you with all of life’s big challenges – whether you want to banish the blues, deal with anxiety and stress, or cope with a serious illness like cancer. Don’t believe us? Get stuck into over 300 clinical studies from renowned institutions proving the power of yoga for 30+ health conditions.

Our designers have transformed their own lives through yoga, and they’d love to inspire you as you transform yours. Shop our unique, curated range of collections from yoga loving, independent designers around the globe.

Curated articles and personal stories dealing with yoga for all of life’s challenges – issues like work, stress, life purpose, relationships, family & motherhood. Big, small, happy, sad - we cover it all. Get first dibs on the latest from the world’s best independent yoga designers and keep your calendar full with the don't-miss yoga events around the world!

Our teachers, venues and TTOs are the core of our mission. By sharing your schedules, creating a professional profile, offering your online classes, training courses + more, you can help others transform their lives and find the power of yoga.

We want to get the world on its mat but we need your help. We’re looking for volunteers to help us promote the power of yoga so that everyone gets a sense of what it can do for them. If you know the power of yoga and want to help us spread the word - with blogging, social media, PR or marketing - please contact